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Academy Award Theater

Academy Award Theater was broadcast from March 30th to December 18th in 1946 on CBS. Although its air time was short, the program was very well-produced. The show was highly acclaimed as it featured Oscar-nominated stars and films. For instance, the opening show Jezebel starred Bette Davis. Humphrey Bogart and Sydney Greenstreet also participated in The Maltese Falcon.

Billed as "Hollywood's finest, the great picture plays, the great actors and actresses, techniques and skills, chosen from the honor roll of those who have won or been nominated for the famous golden Oscar of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences." In reality, the only requirement was that at least one of the actors had to be nominated for an Oscar.

Among actors who had not won an award for their roles yet brought great appeal to the AAT were Cary Grant in Suspicion, Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon, Henry Fonda in Young Mr. Lincoln, and Ronald Colman in Lost Horizon. In all only six actors recreated their own Oscar-winning roles in the 39 total episodes: Bette Davis, Paul Muni, Paul Lukas, Victor McLaglen, Fay Bainter, and Ginger Rogers. Don't get us wrong.. this is still one of our favorite shows.

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